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  • Control System

    The Ultimate Smart Home Experience Premium, Whole-House Automation and Control Introducing the next generation of premium, whole-house automation and control. URC Total Control 2.0 brings your house to life with leading-edge technology and unsurpassed performance for a truly personalized smart home experience. Attractive user interfaces provide one-touch access to your Total Control system – whether […]

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  • Data Analysis & Calibration

    We can calibrate your home theater speakers for sheer audio bliss. These days, even entry-level A/V receivers are likely to come with some form of auto-setup system that promises to make crucial speaker-related adjustments by simply plugging in a microphone and hitting the go button. Sounds appealing, right? Why would anyone want to spend an […]

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  • Network Wi-Fi

    Residential and Commercial Network A home network is a private collection of devices – computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles – which are all connected to a router or switch. This is also called a local network. Every device on your home network can “talk” to every other device, which opens up possibilities for media streaming, […]

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  • Home Cinema

    With expertise in home cinema installation and design, SD Smart Engineer will create a truly absorbing home cinema experience to be enjoyed whenever you want it. You may want the ultimate cinema experience with pixel-perfect presentation on an 85-inch LED screen, a sanctuary where you can retreat and enjoy your favourite movies or television, or […]

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  • Acoustic Designs

    Excessive reverberation time, which can be calculated, can lead to poor speech intelligibility. Architectural acoustics can be about achieving good speech intelligibility in a theatre, restaurant or railway station, enhancing the quality of music in a concert hall or recording studio, or suppressing noise to make offices and homes more productive and pleasant places to work and live […]

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