Surveillance System

Surveillance System



What are the benefits of a surveillance system for both residential and commercial use?

Before diving into the details, it’s important to note the many benefits offered by a video surveillance system. Not only can surveillance cameras deter criminals and help law enforcement quickly catch any would-be thieves, but these systems can also improve the accountability of your employees, help you monitor productivity and sometimes even reduce your insurance premiums. While the up-front costs of installing a video surveillance system can seem a little steep, the long-term payoff and the peace of mind may well be worth the expense.



UHD 4K Resolution Outputs

Some models of our line of NVRs and DVRs now include UHD 4K HDMI output to allow you to see the full resolution of your high resolution cameras.  This is an excellent upgrade when using cameras over 2 MegaPixel since it allows you to view your cameras in the full, non-scaled resolution.

High Capacity NVRs

NVRs or Network Video Recorders provide you ample storage space along with a high channel capacity.  Our flagship unit can provide up to 256 recording channels and a maximum of 192TB of storage space.

High Resolution IP Cameras

Leading the market in resolution, we offer IP cameras up to 12 MegaPixels. Our most popular IP cameras are 4 MegaPixel and provide very wide field of view in addition to 2688×1520 resolution. 8 MegaPixel cameras using H.265 and providing 4K UHD resolution are quickly becoming the new standard.


Our new line of products offer excellent quality and are perfect for residential and commercial use. 

By expanding the scope of our products:


  • We have added Multi-Format cameras and TVI/AHD DVRs to provide a broad compatibility base with existing coaxial system and allows for ease of upgrading.
  • We offer Apps for both Apple and Android based phones and tablets – as well as CMS desktop software for computer use for remote access.
  • With the new product lines we have many exciting technologies available, such LPR cameras, line crossing alerts, and bi-directional audio.
  • We have expanded and improved our offering in IP cameras and NVRs – this is a fast growing sector in the security world that offers many opportunities for our customers. Call us for more details!

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