Data Analysis & Calibration

Data Analysis & Calibration

We can calibrate your home theater speakers for sheer audio bliss.

These days, even entry-level A/V receivers are likely to come with some form of auto-setup system that promises to make crucial speaker-related adjustments by simply plugging in a microphone and hitting the go button. Sounds appealing, right? Why would anyone want to spend an hour reading a manual, busting out a tape measure, and fiddling with a decibel meter when the auto-setup will do it for you, hassle-free?Unfortunately, the measurement and crossover settings provided by these systems aren’t always accurate, and they also usually make EQ adjustments that don’t always improve sound quality. In fact, using auto-setup can actually make your awesome set of speakers sound less than their best. With a couple of tools and some guidance, however, even the most electronically-challenged can get the very best sound quality by performing a manual speaker setup.


With the speakers distances, sizes, and crossover settings made, it is time to balance the volume level of each speaker relative to your seating position. This ensures that you hear each speaker at the proper level regardless of how far or close each speaker may be. While this setting can be made by ear, using a decibel meter will get you more precise results.

After all Data-Analysis and sound Calibration now grab some popcorn and kick back with a great movie. You’ll enjoy the smooth, balanced, and natural sounding performance of your new Theater room system well tuned and calibrated.

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